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Trevion Williams has been making a name for himself playing with the USA Men's U19 World Cup Team

Purdue forward Trevion Williams has made a name for himself with the USA Men’s U19 World Cup Team. 

After standing out at the U19 training camp, Williams made the team and traveled to Greece to compete in the FIBA U19 World Cup.

“Many players don’t get this opportunity so I am very grateful to be here and hopefully be apart of something special,” Williams said.

Williams’ aggressive play played a huge part in him making the team. His one year of college has helped with that.

“Definitely just the physicality has been a big part of why I made the first cut,” Williams said. “Playing against some of the best bigs in the Big Ten has helped prepare for this camp.”

This camp helped William develop as a player and build a lot of relationships that he would have never had if not attending the camp. 

“This camp definitely makes you step out of your comfort zone,” Williams said. “I can be very quiet sometimes. Just based on how high the energy level has to be, there really is no room to be quiet. You have to cheer teammates on and talk on defense.” 

Williams is from Chicago, Illinois. He attended high school at Henry Ford Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’d do anything to put on for my city,” Williams said. “Growing up as a basketball player out of Chicago was super tough. The competition level was very high because everybody wanted basketball to be their way out and by that, I mean getting away from the violence. It means everything to me to be able to represent my city by doing what I love to do.” 

Michigan State, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, DePaul, Xavier, UNLV, and Purdue were all in the mix for Williams while he was in high school. But Purdue was the best fit for Williams. Williams committed to play for the Boilermakers and Coach Painter.


As a freshman, Williams averaged 5.2 points and 4.0 rebounds in 10.1 minutes per game.

Heading into his sophomore season, he has high expectations for himself and his team.

“I expect nothing but success,” Williams said. “I can tell just from our team workouts that we are learning fast. Personally I feel like I have prepared my body for longer minutes. One of my main focuses has been making sure my shot is consistent.”

Garrett Ellwood/USA Basketball

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