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  • Ben Hall

Should the Ravens' sign Dez Bryant?

It has been reported that wide receiver Dez Bryant will workout for the Baltimore Ravens' this week.

The 31-year-old wide receiver hasn't played in an actual game since the end of the 2017-18 season, however he has been continuously working out and still has more in the tank.

During the 2018-19 NFL season, Bryant signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints. However, he suffered a torn achilles during practice two days after signing with the Saints. He has yet to play for a team since then.

I believe Bryant could help the Ravens' in a ton of ways. I would like to see the Ravens' give him an opportunity if he does well at the workout.

The number on thing he would bring to the Ravens' is his red zone threat. With the Cowboys, Bryant was typically their go to guy once they got into their opponents side of the field. Bryant's ability to catch the jump ball was like no other in the entire NFL. However, once Dak Prescott took the starting job from Tony Romo, Bryant's number's went down. It seemed like Bryant and Prescott just weren't on the same page. If Lamar Jackson and Bryant can develop a red zone chemistry and Bryant can accept not being the top target, then Bryant could be an essential weapon for the Ravens' offense.

He would also bring to the Ravens' is veteran leadership and presence. Many people questioned Bryant's character during the end of his time in Dallas. However, Bryant was still a passionate leader while he was there and since he's been teamless, it seems like his attitude has improved. And I believe that Bryant could be an important figure for guys like Miles Boykin and Jaleel Scott who have some similarities to Bryant. Boykin could be the Ravens' big time red zone threat in the future, so learning some small things from a guy like Bryant could be crucial for him.

Lastly, Bryant will bring depth to the Ravens at wide receiver. Chris Moore is going to miss some time after fracturing his finger a few days ago. If somebody else gets hurt at wide receiver, the Ravens will almost be guaranteed to sign somebody. Signing Bryant now would help get that worry out of the way.

All these reasons of why I think the Ravens should sign Dez Bryant could all potentially go wrong as well. However, the Ravens could always cut Bryant if he becomes an issue in the locker room or struggles. Bryant has wanted to play with Lamar Jackson for a while now and I don't think he will mess this opportunity up.

Bryant landed at BWI airport on Tuesday night and will undergo two Covid tests and if all goes well with those, he will have his workout on Thursday, per Jane Slater.

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